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Hop into Fall (Blog Hop)

Hi Divas! As you know we are having our Fall Blog Hop on September 25th and 26th. Here is a chance for you to win a RAK very easily: Simply post on your blog about our Fall Blog Hop with a link to CSDivas and you will get a ticket. Also, for every friend who joins CSDivas will earn you another ticket! Easy peasy right? RULES: 1) Post on your blog about our Fall Blog Hop with a link to CSDivas. Right click on the picture and save as to your PC to include it in your post. 2) Post a link to your blog post in THIS CHALLENGE thread, so we can checkout your post and your awesome blog! 3) Let your friends know to register in THIS CHALLENGE thread, so we can know who invited her. Provide your friend with your profile name please. 4) Last chance for ticket should be posted on September 23rd. 2010.

ME quiz!

1. FIRST NAME: Sandy 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Sandra was my dad's girl name pick, Elaine is my middle name and my mom's 3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Yesterday, was watching the Albino story on 20/20 4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? No 5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Pepperoni 6. KIDS? 3 7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOURSELF? Yeah, I'm cool like that, just kiddin'! 8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? this blog 9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? I'm not sarcastic 10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? Yes 11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? No I respect gravity too much :) 12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Cocoa Pebbles 13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Nope... I wear slip ons, even my tennis shoes 14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Yes- emotionally, No- physically 15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Coffee Toffee 16. SHOE SIZE? 10 17. RED OR PINK? red 18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? haha, is this a trick question?!?!? My

August Cricut Challenge @ CSDivas

Bumping up this post!!!!    Ends August 31st!  Enter as many times as you like for a chance to win a rak!!!! For our first challenge at Creative Scrapbooking Divas , we're starting off easy. Two elements on you entires. 1)Use the shadow and/or the blackout function on your project. The possibilities are endless with these great features! 2)Use blue and green somewhere on you project. (find out more about the Monthly Cricut/ die cut Challenges in Gadget Guru group) For my get "whale" card, I used Life's a Beach for the whale and Robotz for my letters. I used the shadow feature for my letter. For my little circle behind the whale, I used shadow feature in Accent Essentials . Come play along at Creative Scrapbooking Divas .  The more you play, the better your chances to win this month!!!

One Step closer to WLS!

Well here's the short version... Endoscope/ gallbladder ultrasound next wed at 11am (please, please pray that my gall bladder is okay and will not have to be removed!!!!!!!! please, please, please) Pap on the 13th Group mtg with hubby on the 21st Need to lose 15 lb pre-op, low fat diet to shrink liver before surgery. thebackfence/weighin. Surgery times are being scheduled out end of Sept/ beginning of Oct by the doctor.  Here is the MAJOR part!!! I need you to pray!!!  My insurance is not approving sleeves at this time due to some paperwork not filed correctly by the hospital on a previous patient. So it has been 2-3 wks and the doctor is on hold with this type of surgery, until the hospital fixes their paperwork. No clue when this can be. It could be Monday or 3 months from now?!?!?!

Falling for you

I am so ready for Fall!!!  Here is this weeks digi stamp from Delightful Inspiration .  It is a cute one. I love pumpkins and anything you can make with them.  The Double Delight Challenge is ...use this digi and keep it CAS (Clean And Simple)... and when I say that I mean make a card in less than 1 hour and no fussy cutting, distressing, embellishments etc.   I used one printed paper, a ribbon with a no fuss knot, a brown marker for the sentiment.  I started to get out the chalks and stamp but I remembered  CAS- clean and simple.  I was able to complete this card in 5 min.  I really like this challenge, usually I'm stressin', lol.

One Minute Sermon!

Thought this is so cool!  I just had to share. Don't think it could be said any better :) What do you think?

One Minute Sermon!

Thought this is so cool!  I just had to share. Don't think it could be said any better :) What do you think?

Operation Write Home Challenge

I'm having a OWH challenge here at Creative Scrapbooking Divas !  Trying to reach 500 cards by the end of year! I am going to keep track of cards made for OWH here by are Divas.  Just PM your total every so often to me, and I'll keep it updated.  Everyone participating will be entered for a little prize :)  If we go over 500, we'll have two winners.  Over 1000, we'll have three winner and so on!   So far: Cheryl O-  103 cards Sandy- 51 cards                                                                                                      Total 154 OWH cards!!! Here is a card design I just did for OWH.  I used a free digi stamps from Delightful Inspiration challenge blog.  The card sketch was from Double Delight challenges.    Challenge blogs are a great way to get inspiration for your cards!  Especially when you have card makers block :)

Sunday Worship and Praise!

"My brokenness helped me to see that it is Grace I'm standing on." Natalie Grant Last week, I shared my God song with you. The song that ministers to me through out the week. This week, I thought I would share my "anthem" so to speak. This is the song that reminds me... no matter what trials and tribulations that come my way, I will not be moved. I will stumble, I will fall, I will face heartaches, I will feel alone, I will feel confused, I will feel helpless.... BUT I WILL NOT BE MOVED! Nothing, no one is going to take the Blessed Hope that I have in Jesus. My faith will not be shaken even though, at times, it seems as my life has been. I know I will not understand everything, but I understand He died for me, and my place is eternity with him. Nothing on this green Earth is going to change my mind and believe me, it has tried! What is your anthem song?

One week down, many to go!

Weigh in #1 (Starting from 8-1-10) 8-7-10 : 324 to 319lbs (-5)   My highest weight ever! I am going on record... this stinks. A person suggested that I eat this month as if there is no tomorrow.  Eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  To have a "last meal" everyday until my appointment on the 27th, at the Weight Loss Center.  For 30 secs, I thought yeah!  I could eat whatever I want and start to loss weight after the doctor consult. At 31 sec, I got real and thought my life starts now, not at the end of the month.   I have to lose 10% of my weight before surgery. It's part of the plan I will be on.  WLS isn't the easy way to lose weight.  It's not a "get out of jail card".  If  I'm serious about my weight, then it has to be now, Aug. 1st not when I go for my consultation at the end of the month.  So there is not going to be any last meals for me.  I'm not going to gorge myself for the next 26 days.  I started getting on plan now.  I eat protein

More of me

Seven Facts About Me ... 1. I married my first "real/steady"  boyfriend whom I met when I was 28. 2. I love chicken gizzards. 3. I hate cell phones, but I have to carry one at all times for work. 4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is my favorite movie. I watch it all year round. 5. I am a reality tv show junkie. 6. I have never died my hair. Natural blonde here. 7. I didn't go to a NKOTB concert until I was in my 30s.   Weight- loss Bucket list ... I want to be able to walk up a flight of steps without having to rest at the top. I want to walk without my leg “burning”.   I want to be able to walk around a store without getting all tired out.  I want to be able to ride a bicycle.  I want to be able to go to a hockey game, and I want to be able to sit in a regular stadium seat comfortably when I get there. I want to be able to walk on a sandy beach in a swimsuit.  I want to be able to walk around the neighborhood.   I want to encircle my fingers around my wrist. I want

My story and where I am now...

My battle with weight, diets, failures, successes started as a little girls.  By the age of 4, I was a chunky little girl. I was one of the biggest kids in the class.  At one point in high school, I lost the pounds by exercise, I still "felt" like I was the biggest.  So my battle has not been only the physical weight but the mental and emotional weight.   I've never know what it is to be thin and that scares me a little.    I have been married for almost 6 years to a wonderful man.  He loves me, the whole me.  He likes me plus size, but he wants me to be happy and spend many many many years together.  We tease that we'll put up with each other so we can have a golden 50th anniversary.  My biggest fear is that I won't make it.  We have 3 beautiful children, ages 5, 3 and 2, a wonderful home and a great family/church.  Life is good on all fronts.  Yes,  we have our ups and downs, it's called life, but I am blessed in the fact that we have many more

Tink B-day card

Here is a card I did for Jitterbuggin'   Cricut challenge/ sketch blog.  My youngest is having a Tinkerbell party in Sept so this is the perfect challenge for me this week. Used Paperdoll Dress Up

Trendy Award

 I was blessed today by Sheila from She's a Sassy Lady .  She "paid if forward" and gave me this nice award. I am a relatively new blogger in this sea of scrapbooking inspiration.  I enjoy blogging and posting what I make but I really enjoy looking at all the wonderful blogs like She's a Sassy Lady. Rules: Pass this on to 10 other blogs From Sheila: I am going to add another rule because the whole purpose of these blog awards is to award to someone but then to learn a little more about them..... soooo. I will start and expect you to: Give two reasons why you started blogging and then tell me why you continued . My two reasons. 1. To creatively share my favorite pictures during special times. 2. I took a little break ( 5yrs or so) but when I had my children, I started back up again.  I've done 12 scrapbooks for me and about 10 for gifts.  I love scrapping about my family.  I continue because I am HOOKED on scrapbooking and now cards and all other kinds

Sunday Worship and Praise

Ever had a God song? You know, a song that God uses that speaks to you, your life, your circumstances. The lyrics of the song seem to b written for you and only you. Your spirit man leaps when you hear this song and you feel so close to the Father. It can be God ministering to you, like your anthem song to get you through what you are going to through. Or it can be you worshiping the one and only true God. My heart jumps at praise and worship. Through song, I feel like I can be real. The wall come down and there is not pretense. I thought I would share my God song with you for this week. It is Revelation Song, sung by Kari Jobe. I hope it ministeres to you too! Blessings :)