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Exciting news!!!!

I have some exciting news coming very soon. I am giddy with anticipation, lol!!!!!!! CREATIVE SCRAPBOOKING DIVAS ROCK!!!! Stay tune!!!

Body Image

I seem to be having issues lately in seeing my self thinner.  To me, a 1x looks the same as a 4x when I look in the mirror.  I pasted this on facebook a couple of days agao, a good suggestion was to compare photos.  Here are a some to put things in perspective for me I guess. My heaviest @ 324 Me @ 280- 260 Me @ 250-230 Me @ 220 I just needed to see this!

Diva's Scrappin' Summer School Blog Hop

SCHOOLS OUT!!!!  The kids are having a blast already and it has been busy, busy, busy around here!  But Mama is having her own summer school session at CSDivas Blog Hop today!.  The teachers for this Summer School are some of the wonderful CSDivas, giving us some cool tutorials. If you are just joining us now, you can go to Luisa’s blog to start at the beginning. Our class list: Luisa- Sherry - Sandy- - YOU ARE HERE Marti- Jessica- Lori- Alecia- So attention class! Here is my tutorial:  PAPER BURST/FLOWER for a layout or card. Supplies: cardstock, exacto knife, ruler, pattern paper, stamp, ink pad, scissors 1. Start with a basis A2 card which is 5.5x 4.25 out of cardstock and cut your pattern paper 5

Gate Fold Card

For our next class, I wanted to show you another card fold that I just love! It is called a gatefold card and you see them around quite a bit. For this card, you can make it any size you want. I started with a 5 x10 piece of cardstock. Score in 2 1/2 " on either side, giving you a 5 inch base. Then cut you pattern paper a 1/4" shorter ie : cut (2) 2 1/4 and (1) 4 3/4 Adhere the papers to the base Decorate the inside of your card Then cut a second piece of cardstock for "gate" part of your card I cut mine 3 x4 Adhere it to the left flap of your base card Decorate/embellish it like you want There you go! A very easy card to make, esp in any size and shape :)

Brad Card

For this class, we're doing brad cards. These are sooo easy and fun to do. Here are a couple I did from a book my BFF gave me... Step one: Cut out a shape Step two: Cut out the shadow/blackout Step three: Attach the two in one place with a brad so it swings Step four: Embellish your card, hiding your brad if you want. Ice Cream Cone: I used a button for the cherry and glued over top of brad (Indie) Car: I used buttons again for the headlight, I glued one over a brad and the other I used pop dots so they are sitting up the same (Graphically Speaking) Star: I used a brad under the top star along with pop up dots to hide the brad. (George) Can't wait to see what you do! If you don't have a Cricut or other die cutting machine for shapes, no worries. Take a two shapes like a square, circle, heart, etc and attach them together with a brad and then decorate. Perfect way to use your scraps for a quick and easy card!!!

Easel Card

This is my ultimate favorite card fold to give friends and family. I also made these for my sister as thank you favors for her teacher's luncheon at church. They were a huge hit! Easel cards are sooo easy and make a great gift! You need: 1 (5x10) solid paper 1(5x5) solid paper 1(5x5) pattern paper Score (5x10) cardstock at 2 1/2" and 5" (fold as above) Adhere (5x5) solid paper to 2 1/2 front side Adhere (5x5) pattern paper to bottom (5x5) section of base Decorate front of your card Add a strip of card stock (1x5) to base with pop dots to hold up your front side of card (making your easel) Embellish the bottom the base of your card. I used a simple heart with some red stickles.

Paper Ruffle and Pleat by Alecia

Simple Ruffle Tutorial by Alecia from CSDivas... 1. Gather your papers and scrapping supplies: scissors, distresser, inks, sewing machine, and either glue dots or liquid glue. 2a. Cut your strips to the width you prefer. I like working with 1 inch to 1 ½ inch strips most of the time, since I make cards. Remember the strips should be twice as long as the length of your project! If it’s a 5” card, you need a 10” strip, for example. I’m using Cosmo Cricket Everafter wedding papers. 2b. I like to distress and ink the strip edges. I distress first and ink second, but most how-to’s say to do just the opposite and distress then ink. Personal preference, whichever look is more “you.” 3. I make double ruffles as well as single ruffles. Place one strip atop the other before pleating. Here, they are double ruffles with two complementary patterned Everafter papers. The top is folded one atop the other (layering folds), and the bottom is accordion pleat. When I plan to use glue dots or

Basic Stamping Technique

Basic Stamping Technique Press stamp firmly into ink pad several times, and then stamp lightly on the pad several times to ensure even ink coverage. Check before stamping to be sure that all parts of the image are inked up. When inking large stamps, I like to lay the stamp flat on its back and tap the ink pad ONTO the stamp. Press your stamp straight down firmly, no rocking or twisting, to create a sharp image. Hold for a few seconds to allow time for the card stock to absorb the ink. I recommend stamping first onto scratch paper, to see what the image looks like and get the ‘feel’ of the stamp before beginning your project. Some stamps require more pressure, some less pressure to achieve that sharp image you’re looking for. This is called first generation or solid stamping . A second-generation impression is what you see the second time you use the stamp, without re-inking, it is a lighter impression. Third-generation is what you see the third time you use the st