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BL-wk 1

I have to say I cried more this season than any other, and it was only the first wk!!!! These stories are heartbreaking. I am so blessed and motivated. For me, this is the first season where I am not bigger than the biggest woman (not including Shay who is over 400lbs. I am a little put off of Jillian and Bob though. Talk about potty mouths! I couldn't follow the conversations because of all the bleeps. As far as who got voted off, I think they made a good choice after I thought about it.(black team student, sry, I don't know all the names yet) At first I was like, "no way, she worked her butt off". But I think she will do great on her own. She has something to prove now being voted off first. I hope she gets a chance to come back on her own. Can't wait until next Tuesday!

Biggest Loser

Hey! I just realized BL starts tonight!!!!! This is really cool since summer is over, and I (gulp) stepped on the scale today. I have gained 20 lbs over the summer, but I did have a great time doing it, lol . So I'm starting again at 270. Praise the Lord... it still not the 320 that I was this time last year! So feel free to join me tonight. I will definitely be following and putting my two sense in...all comments welcomed as long as they are rated G.

Fast, Short, Crazy Summer

Hi everyone! Hope you had a blessed summer. I can't believe it's over already. The weather here in Ohio was quite mild, but we did get to go swimming twice. So, I have the fall decs up's my favorite time of year. I cut off some of my computer time due to being outside all summer, even withdrawing from some groups. I was getting spread too thin. But summer break is over, and I have to get back into the swing of things. A quick summer recap... birthday parties galore, baseball games, vacation to see the in-laws, a couple of fairs (we'll get to the fair food in a second), out of town family visiting, family reunions, church, Journey Group (Thurs. bible study), Wed night Bible school, camping, starting up a scrapbook club..whew, I'm tired typing, lol , family get togethers , going to the park alot , garage sale... I think that's it... Oh, wait! I must not forget working full-time during all this. I am working 4- 10 hr days so that gives me a longer we