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Hope your having a blessed Sunday. I had an extra bonus. My hubby was off and able to go to church too. It was so nice having extra hands to get the kids ready. I was able to get my make up on too and not in the rear view mirror on the way to church!!! I'm starting to see the fruit of my weight loss now. I wore a size smaller pants and shirt plus..... HIGH HEELS!!! I didn't have pain! That's a biggie for me. If you know me, you know I love my shoes!!! The question I ask my self... "What did I do this for?", plays over and over in my mind. I did this not only to feel good, be healthy, wear high heels, lol... I did this so I could be the woman, wife, mother that God wants me to be. I love this song, LIFESONG by Casting Crowns. There is more than just me that is going to be affect and/or changed by what God has enabled me to do. Empty hands held high Such small sacrifice If not joined with my life I sing in vain tonight May the words I say And the th

Scrappers Sanctuary challenge projects

Here are a couple of projects that I came up with for The Scrappers Sanctuary challenge site, a great challenge site/forum.... Hope you play along, they have some awesome prizes and great inspiration!!!

My last summer layout til next year

Welcome to the Splish Splash Challenge with the Creative Cutter Room! How about a challenge? Theme: Splish Splash!! Any project with water on it! Missing Summer already? Behind on the lay-outs for this past summer at the beach, need to make a Thank you note for crashing at a friend's pool? Now is the time to catch up! I'm missing summer already!  Here is my layout of my little one's first time at the beach.  She was too funny, didn't know what to make of the sand and just cried and cried when I put her in the water, lol! Stop of a Cricut Creative Cutter Room for some great fun! Cartridge used: George and Basic Shapes