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Scripture Challenge 2010- title page

I just realized that I didn't post my Scripture Challenge Title page...oops!!! Here is what I came up with. My 4 yr old came home from Rainbows one night and had a cute little flower with her unit scripture... She helped Mama chalk the bright yellow flower with red and orange. She also "painted" the white scripture paper with tan chalk. I think this might be my favorite page of the challenge because I had my little "helper". Cricut Cartridges used: Platin SchoolBook for the letters and numbers. The florish was with the Accents Cartridge.

Super Bowl Time!!!!

I love watching the Super Bowl!!! Okay, the football doesn't really interest me but the food, fun and friends are awesome!!! My hubby asked me to make a football field for work. They are having a Backroom Bowl as an incentive for the employees. This turned out great. I think I might have a football party for my son this summer! I made a scut 2 file for the football helmet, footballs and numbers. The green "grass" is two poster boards. The long lines are just strips of white card stock and the small lines were drawn on with my white marked. The bulls eye's are just circles from the shapes library in SCAL . I also used SCAL to weld the letters of their names for the footballs and my Cricut to cut everything out. For the helmets, footballs and numbers... Download HERE

who said "I cannot tell a lie"?

Here is another scut2 made for my teacher friend! I love SCAL!!!!(see my side bar for more infp) Download HERE

Mom's Weekly Meal Plan

I found a great site ... Amy @ Living Locurto. She has free downloads, menu plans, recipes, fun party ideas and crafts. One of my favorites is her... FREE Weekly Menus!!!!! She takes all the guesswork out of trying to come up with something for dinner. And she has 16 weeks of menus with recipes for each dish plus a printable grocery list!!!!! I'm in cook's heaven right now. Love it (in my sing-song voice, lol)!!! I have been looking throughout her site for quite a while now. There are a lot of goodies there! Stop by and check it out!

ReDeemed Unique Art

One of my favorite crafters is Noel from ReDeemed unique art . She is celebrating National "Inspire your heart with art" day January 31st! She is giving away a piece of her artwork. Here is one of my favorite styles. I love how she antiques the hymn paper and puts an image on top. Praise and Worship is close to my heart and this is a beautiful way to appreciate it! Stop by her Etsy shop. I can't wait to see her new work. (my ultimate favorite)

Easter Crosses

I made a variety of .scut2 crosses to use for church and Easter. Hope you like them. Download HERE

Red Light, Green Light

My sister is a teacher and in her classroom, she has a behavioral tool with colors. Kinda like three strikes and your out for the day. We got to talking and she came up with idea of using a street light. So I made her a scut... I'm such a great sis, lol. Download HERE

Moments of pure dispair

Did you ever have a moment where you just wanted to die?!?! You say, "Lord, just take me now!!!" I had one of those moments this afternoon. I put the kiddos to down for a nap and when Chris came home, I went to check on them. Our 4 yr old was gone! At first, I was calm figuring she was in the bathroom. Nope... not there. Our Sam's room...again, no. So now we are yelling for her...5 min later the house is torn apart, every closet empty, table turned over...nothing. She was no where to be found. Now, the other two are up and crying, Chris is screaming, I'm reaching for the phone to call 911, praying frantically. Finally, music to my ears! Chris yells, "I FOUND HER!!!" I about fainted. I flew up the stairs to our room and grabbed her up. He found her in the back corner under our bed and curled up in a ball, sound asleep. I have never been so hysterical in my life! All I could think about was those precious babies where someone comes in

Wednesday's Journal

What’s happening in my home?…. In my kitchen …Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare, lol. Finances were slim the last two week thanks to me. I did not stop completely at a stop sign but "rolled" through according to a cop. I don't agree but it cost me $120.00 :( So my food budget was slashed. No extra for us, but we did have some good dinners thanks to Aldi's! Lasagna, Chicken Parm, Meatloaf, Shrimp Scampi Pasta, Tuna Noodle Casserole. I do miss going the luxury to go out to eat :) My favorite restaurant Quaker Steak and Lube, AppleBee's, Marino's (local Italian place). Thank goodness payday is Friday and believe me I AM NOT "rolling" through stop signs any time soon. With our marriage … So grateful that Chris is understanding and that it was funny that I got my first ticket and it wasn't for speeding. With the children … do you want to babysit for me???? I have three, you can watch for a couple hours. That's the kind of week

One Year Bible

I am soooo behind...... in posting this, lol. You thought I was going to say in my weekly reading, didn't you?!?! Well, I am, by three days now. Life never seems to slow down around here. It seems like it is on one speed... accelerated!!!! The Word is manna to our spirit man. We can't live without it. If we do, then we are malnourished in our daily walk. I have been guilty this passed week of saying, "I'll make up for it tomorrow". I want to encourage you, and me, to keep striving this week to keep our time in the word. We'll thank ourselves for it later!

u say clover, i say shamrock

Is a shamrock and a clover the same thing? Things that make me go ummmm??? (remember that song, lol). Anywho here is a cute svg for St Patty's Day. Download HERE

Shooting Star

I made this .scut for a recent project... Download HERE

Explosion Box

Here is a cute little gift idea... an Explosion Box. At January's ScrapBooking Blessing Club, one of the ladies taught us how to make these. I've seen them around the web but never did it myself. I picked my favorite (unscrapped) pictures and made this one for my coffee table. Now I'm addicted!!! I have to admit...I'm a lazy typer though, lol. I didn't want to type out all the instructions she gave us, but I did find a great site with the easiest instructions to follow! For explosion box instructions, try Scrapbook Eden . Plus, it is a very nice site to boot! If you make a box, let me know. I would love to see them!

Icthus aka Christian fish

Here is a simple svg. A friend asked to make one so they can cut it in vinyl and put it on their car. Download HERE (ICTHUS means fish. The symbol was came from Jesus saying, He would make His followers fishers of men. It symbolizes followers of Jesus. )

Bloggy Awards

I feel like I should put on a red carpet gown....Just Kiddin!!!! I was blessed with a nice award from Jen @ Simple Pleasures. The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blogworld ! The rules for accepting this award are: Post the logo on your blog. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers . Link the nominees within your post. Let the nominees know they received this award by commenting on their blog. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from. I'm sharing this Sunshine Award with: 1. Jen- Simple Pleasures 2. Mimi- He&Me+3 3. Sue- Life is the Lemonade You Make 4. Glenys- Morning Cuppas With Glenys 5. MamaBear- Bears in Exile/Return Home

January Blog Candy (1)

It's candy time!!! Blog candy to be exact. What a great way to start out the new year than to win some awesome "candy"!!! Here is a great one! JUDY'S CARDMAKING AND PAPERCRAFTS Stop by and tell her I sent ya!

One Year Bible

So how is everyone doing? Were you able to get all the readings in this week? I'm a day behind. I was three days behind because I started three days later than everyone else. Everyone got their Bible's Sunday, I got mine Wednesday. I know I'll catch up, but to me, it's not a race. It's a daily journey. For Sunday night service and bible studies, our pastor is going to preach on something that we read. Tonight, he preached on Psalm 9:1-2 1 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High. He pulled out the key word... WILL. This is an action on our part. The four points... I will PRAISE, I will TELL, I will BE GLAD/REJOICE, I will SING. Keep up the good work you are doing in meditating on the Word. If you haven't, that's okay, tomorrow is a fresh new day.

Challenge Word #1: Hope

Our first word of 2010 is... HOPE! I thought this was very fitting. I have a lot of hopes for 2010 for me, my family, my church, my friends. Hope is... one of the three main elements of Christian character (1 Cor. 13:13). It is joined to faith and love, and is opposed to seeing or possessing (Rom. 8:24; 1 John 3:2). "Hope is an essential and fundamental element of Christian life, so essential indeed, that, like faith and love, it can itself designate the essence of Christianity (1 Pet. 3:15; Heb. 10:23)." Unbelievers are without this hope (Eph. 2:12; 1 Thess. 4:13). Christ is the actual object of the believer's hope, because it is in his second coming that the hope of glory will be fulfilled (1 Tim. 1:1; Col. 1:27; Titus 2:13). It is spoken of as "lively", i.e., a living, hope, a hope not frail and perishable, but having a perennial life (1 Pet. 1:3). Easton's Bible Dictionary I used.... -A Child's Year cart for the word hope -Sweethearts cart for the

My First Scrapbook Challenge

I am so excited to begin my first scrapbook challenge. I see all the wonderful projects, design teams, card challenges, layout challenges out there in blog land. They were great to look at and admire, but they were just not for me. Then I found Triple the Scraps (Patter Cross' Scripture Challenge 2010), this one is so me!!! Finally something to do for me!!! I am determined to complete the whole year too!

News that I rather have NOT have gotten

Hubby took our youngest to the doctor today for her checkup. She's fifteen months now. Em is growing perfectly in height, weight, head. Everything seem normal to Chris until the doctor kept listening to her chest. The doctor detected a heart murmur. He told Chris that he wanted a pediatric cardiologist to check her out. When Chris told me, I kinda flipped. Why? Because working in the medical field, there are questions I would have asked and all Chris could tell me was "I don't know, he didn't say." Talk about peeved. I was upset at Chris, upset at the doctor, upset at work. This is the time I wish I didn't have to work. I should have been there! All the nurse would tell me when I called was, "we're referring her to Dr so and so". So that's been my great day. Please keep her in you prayers!

The Home Keeper's Journal

What’s happening in my home?…. In my kitchen … stuffed pork chops w/ stuffing and mashed potatoes, shrimp Alfredo and penne, baked chicken and cheesy potatoes, pizza night Friday and out to eat Saturday!... all suggestions from hubby and him working right along in the kitchen with me. With our marriage … We both work full-time, we both do housework, we both cook, we both take care of the kids, he mows/I weed... we are truly a 50/50 couple and it works for us. Our five year anniversary is on the 29th. We have been blessed with five "wonderful" years. Trials were few but God was with us for each and every one of them, big and small. With the children … we're in... potty training mode with our middle child, I can throw a temper tantrum mode with our youngest (little does she know) and "Mama, I'm going to big school this year" (kindergarten) with our oldest (tears for Mama with this one). Around the homestead… winter advisory here, snow, snow, snow!!! The l

Kissing Couple

Love is in the air!!! Here is a cute kissing couple .svg file for Valentine's Day for you. Download HERE

Reading the Bible in a year

Our church is reading the Bible this year! Not that we don't read the Bible, lol. But for 2010, we are corporately reading the Bible together. I am so excited to be a part of this. For me, I need the accountability, kwim? How many times to we promise ourselves that we are going to do A,B,C? We are gun-ho at first and then the passion fizzles. Not this year, not this time! For the first time in (blank) years, I'm gonna read the whole Bible in a year. But not only read it, soak it in too. Will this get me into heaven, will God be more happy with me, do I get brownie points for this? No, no, no. Jesus is the only way to heaven. God loves me so much, He sent His son to die for me. I am righteous already in His sight through the blood of Jesus. This is a "Spiritual Commitment" for ME. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hear

New Update! Sure Cuts A Lot

Purchase SCAL2 HERE New update available for SCAL 2: (as per site) Added "Break Apart" option under Object menu Added horizontal and vertical alignment button in the Position & Size Properties section Added Paste (Auto Fill) to paste the copied object to fill the page Added option to show outlines or fill objects on the mat for viewing purposes under the View menu Various bug fixes All you have to do to access is to go to Sure Cut A Lot and download the newest version 2.006 Happy cutting!

Digging my way out...slowly...

First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I pray that 2010 brings many blessings to everyone of you and your families. May God hold you close, keeping your families safe, healthy and joyful! This is the year I was secretly dreading. My oldest will be starting kindergarten. I can't believe these last five years have just flown by. Oh well, before you know it, I'll be planning her graduation party, lol! Back to digging myself out... I now have organized chaos here. Toys, clothes and all the other present are put away. Christmas trees and decorations are still out, but we are having guests tomorrow for a mini post-Christmas party. MY goal will be to de-Christmasfy the house this upcoming week. But around here, my well laid plans tend to go awry. I will promise you that it will be done before next Christmas, lol!

Shiny Heart

I've been trying to get the house in order. The word is TRY. We have some guest coming this weekend, so hopefully Monday is "take the tree down day". Crossing my fingers, because around here, there is always something that changes my plans, lol. Anyway, here is a simple heart scut file for you to cut out. Never to early to start on the next holiday! Download HERE Hope your having a blessed weekend!