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To digi or not to digi, that is the question?

To digi or not to digi, that is the question??? I love digtal stamps but don't have the money to invest in Copics (I have 5) and have a big mess with storing them on the computer.  The paper I used was horrible with markers for coloring. Does anybody have some great digi stamp hints? Here are free Christmas digital stamps at!  Look at these cuties... Other free digi stamps- master list on    And the best on of course is Free Digital Stamp blog

New Blog Button

I love all the blog buttons that I see and found a great site for HTML impaired people, lol...! It helped me step by step and it actually works!!!   The code is over on the right :)

Card Cupid blog hop this weekend!

BLOG HOP This organization is designed to collect and send a bundle of cards with words of encouragement to needy children for their birthday or in a time of need along with a cuddly card package that includes a stuffed animal. We will help to make sure that each needy child’s birthday is celebrated and that children in the hospital receive well wishes. Blog hop will start at 8:00 AM (EST) on Friday November 26th and run through Saturday November 27th. Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps will be sponsoring our blog hop and they have graciously donated a $10 Gift Certificate! In addition to that, each Design Team member has donated something to the blog hop Grand Prize and you won't believe what they donated.

Very Thankful ( one month update)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ME TO YOU AND YOURS I can't believe that today makes one month after surgery. I have so much to be thankful for! First, my God and family, they have been my rock though all of this. Second, for this surgery and how it has changed my life in just this short time. I have had no complications with surgery or even recovery after. It seems very surreal right now, like did I really do this, but I look at the scale and see 24 lbs gone, look at my closet and see all the 30/32 size clothes gone along with most of my 26/28. I eat 3 oz of soft foods and feel full. It has become a neccessity not a way of life or enjoyment. I'm rediscovering how much fun it is to play with the kids or even do yardwork with hubby and not have pain or feel guilty that I can't help him. I could go on and on of how much more I can do now. And do you know this best part? This is just the beginning!!!!! So today, I am a very thankful woman, enjoying the blessing that I have been given.

Black Friday Cricut Sales!!!

I am one of the crazies that pour over the day after Thanksgiving ads and mark my store buys for the day! I have fun with it and the whole family jumps in. So I thought it would be cool to post any kind of "Cricut" sales here!!!! Michaels: Personal Cricut- (Friday only) $69.99 Cricut Cartridges- 60% off, $27.99 and $35.99 Disney Cricut Cartridges- (Saturday only) $24.99 Gypsy- $99.99! Save 100 bucks! Coupons: 30% off Entire Purchase Including Sale Items (Thursday Only) 30% Off Your Entire Purchase - Friday Only 50% Off Any One Regular Price Item - Friday Only 50% Off Any One Regular Item (Saturday Only) 20% Off Entire Purchase Including Sale Items (Saturday Only) Big Lots: Cricut Cartridges: $20.00 Walmart: Cricut Expression- $185.00 (cute colors) Cricut Lite Cartridges- $20.00 (fyi- 0nly 50 cuts per cartridge/not a full cartridge) JoAnn Fabrics: Cricut Cartridges- $27.99 Cricut Expression- $199.99 Cricut Imagine Print & Cut Machine- $449.

WooHoo!!!!! Going Down Down Down!

I went to the Dr for my two week follow up which is actually 18 days, but we won't go there. My labs are perfect (very early yet) and I'm getting water, protein and vitamins in no problem. I weighed in too and wanted to do the happy dance. I lost 15.5 lb since surgery on Oct 25th and a grand total of.... Wow!  I've lost 50 lbs from August 1st and that doesn't count loosing the extra water weight from surgery.  The nurse said they wanted 10% the first two weeks and I was at 11% (which is 274lbs).  She also said I can expect to loose an additional 40-50 lbs in 3 months!?!?!?!  My mind is having a hard time wrapping around that one!  That would put me around 225lb and the last time I saw that number was in college. I'm also on the next stage of my diet.  I can eat soft, pureed foods.  Protein has to be first, 6 sm meals which are 3-4oz, over 48 oz water and exercise (I love my Wii Fit). We went out to eat tonight, too.  That was an experience, a "freeing" one

Surgery Update and DT News!!!!!!!

I want to thank those that kept me in their prayers!!! Surgery went like clockwork. I have no pain just tires easily. My big news is that Creative Scrapbooking Divas have asked me to be a permanent DT member! I love these ladies!!! I will be taking over the Traditional Scrapbooking group and a new Cricut-licious group!!!! I would love if you came and join us.  Great challenges, inspiration, resources, games and chances to win prizes!!!!   Creative Scrapbooking Divas

One week down...

I can't believe its been a week already!!! Time goes by fast when you are having fun, lol. Monday was surgery, I was out of it all day, Woke up in my room and hubby said I was hitting the morphin pump every 6 min, lol. Tuesday, I was still on that morphin pump, It was my hospital BFF, lol. Started to get up and walk and it was very uncomfortable. I like walking at night. It was quiet, no people or other obsticals on the floor and I got some one on one time with nurses and they would walk with me, keep ing my mind off the pain. Wednesday was my downhill hump day. The nurses didn't know much about sleeve patients. I had a nausea patch on the one of the nurses took off of me whn I was sleeping. They then told be to get up and walk but I wasn't feeling good. My mom was helping me and I started dry heaving and trying not to throw up. My husband and mom where yelling for help, nuirsing running, mass confusion. My husband asked where my patch was and the nurse said she