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Rejoicing in 70 lbs tossed!!!

Weigh in is a little different today, bear with me :) My journey has reach 70 pounds to date. I went 320 lbs to 250 lbs; through change in diet, activity, mentality and spirit. After having my third baby last fall, I knew this mama had to make the necessary changes to be healthy. What were my changes? 1) God blessed me with winning an online membership to WW for 3 months and I have continued with it. I journal everything I eat. I eat anything I want; but I control my portions, make choices and plan my meals especially when I go out to eat. 2) I started moving. I did not enjoy exercise. I hated it, especially, when I knew the laundry, dishes and everything else needed done. I just worked a full day, dinner needed made, kiddos bathed, etc. But I did it! I started 15- 20 min exercising with the tv programs and tapes 3 days a week. Before I knew it, 15 min turned to 30 min to 45 min, 3 days to 4 days to 5 days. Hubby started making dinners. He was okay with the beds not made. He was seeing

Formally picturephobic

Picturephobic- the fear or advoidance of being in front of the camera... from the dictonary of me :) That was what I have been for 20 of my 33 years. Looking at recent pictures today, and I just realized I have more pictures of me with the kiddos than he does! Wow, who would have thunk it??? I thought I would share some of them :) I'm looking forward to many more pictures and memories this summer!

Grilling Goodness

Oh Goodness...time for some grillin'! 1. When you were in school, did you study hard or cram the night before? I was a crammer. I did just enough to get through, lol. 2. What can pull you out of a really funky mood? Talking with my BFF but we live so far apart. (((sigh))) I could really use a good talk now. 3. Do you keep the invoice after you've paid the bill? Nope, I give them to hubby. He takes care of all that... I'm lucky like that. 4. Do you have yard sales? Shop at them? Love, love, love em!!!! I have them sometimes but mostly go to them. Hubby likes to drive by real fast while I drool out of the window. 5. When was the last time you rode a rollercoaster? Before the kiddos when I could fit in the seat. BUT... I am so going on one this summer! 6. Spring you do such things as wash your windows? Yep and hate every minute of it. 7. How often do you clean out your refrigerator? Not enough... saying no more ;) 8. Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?

Friday Fill-ins

#121 we go! 1. Apparently there's some sort of shortage of WW fudge bars, hubby keeps forgetting to bring me some home from work. 2. IT'S A sunny day HERE!!!!!. 3. 2009 is going by quickly so far. 4. This is it! I'm going to start running again, even if it kills me. 5. For too long I've been 100 lbs over weight . But not any more, I'm only 70 now!!! 6. I am not obsessed with Facebook ; I am not! 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to an Indian's game with my little brother (awwwww, bonding time) , tomorrow my plans include playing outside all day (the kiddos and hubby won't be able to keep up with ME!!! lol) and Sunday, I want to go to church and my nephew's 4th b-day party!

The Cab Ride

I love short stories... here's one that my mom sent me: So I walked to the door and knocked. "Just a minute", answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor. After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90 s stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940s movie. By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets. There were no clocks on the walls, no knickknacks or utensils on the counters. In the corner was a cardboard box filled with photos and glassware. "Would you carry my bag out to the car?", she said. I took the suitcase to the cab, then returned to assist the woman. She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the curb. She kept thanking me for my kindness. "It's nothing", I told her. "I just try to treat my passenger

HYC/BLBE Weigh in

4/21/09: 251 to 249!!!! I made it to the 240s!!! YES!!! Finally!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!?! "Okay girlie, now calm down and make sure your tushy stays there, lol!" I have 2 more pounds to go to reach the half way point on this journey. I do have a prayer request though. Distractions are coming from the left and the right. I kinda feel like I'm dodging those darts the giant likes to throw. Between family, work, church, extended family, friends... I have no TIME!!! I have not exercised the way I should. A little part of me is fearful too because I'm so close to being "halfway there". I feel like it is almost out of reach, like I'm climbing and looking up to the summit of the mountain, but it looks so far away at the same time. Ugg! Am I making sense, lol? This week's scripture: Galatians 5:7 You were running the race beautifully. Who cut in on you and stopped you from obeying the truth? Such influence does not come from the one who calls you


Yep, I am on the Susan Boyle band-wagon!!! I finally had the chance to see her clip on Britain's Got Talent... check it out !!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! That is my favorite song from Les Miserable and she NAILED it!!!! One thing I caught Amanda say was they were all cynical but I would a very judgemental also. Just goes to show you... "You can't judge a book by it's cover." Susan just proved that one. What you see on the outside, doesn't necessarily mean that's what you get on the inside. You Go Girl!

Friday Fill-ins

#120 we go! 1. Join me in Prayer for Stellan . 2. Put a little love in your day! 3. Happiness is my family . 4. Blonde and at times confused. 5. I'm waiting for Summer and shorts. 6. A good banana split is hard to resist, but I have for about a year now :) 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to meeting with some old friends, tomorrow my plans include a mommy alone shopping day and Sunday, I want to go to church and a little birthday party for a cute little one yr old.

Passion Play

Our church had its 9th annual Passion Play. It was an awesome experience for me and my hubby. Even getting run down and sick was totally worth it!!! Seed was planted, lives changes and God given all the glory!!!! Our local new stations came out and did a story on the play. On Saturday night we had 1866 people! We had a total of 7700 people, all 5 performances,with 60% of them seeing it for the FIRST time!!! Here is the link, Hubby is even in one of the shots. Just click on play at the right of the screen :D

HYC/BLBE Weigh in

4-14-09: 250 to 251 lbs. This is gonna be short and sweet this week because I am going back to bed. But I REFUSE to miss a weigh in, even when I know it isn't the 240s I soooo wanted to see this week. Holiday- awesome dinner and left overs, chocolate candy and peeps plus Sickness- head/chest cold, ear infection and pounding headaches (I did break down and go to the doctor Monday) plus No exercise- my head is gonna explode any minute and I can't breath without coughing/wheezing... I haven't exercise for 8 days!!!! equals gaining a pound and rejoicing that it is only one and not ten!!!!!! I'm NOT going to let this sickness get me down and believe me, I have been tempted quite a few times this past week. I felt like chucking it all in and just go crazy at the fridge. Most people get sick and don't want to eat. I get sick and eating makes me feel better. (((sigh))) (keep repeating it Sandy) This wk's scripture:

Happy Easter

The Nail

Laurie Glass Who am I? With no special purpose, traveling upward, unsure of my destination. Where am I? Steep hill appears. Jeers permeate the air, abominable stench pervades eerie summit. Who is that woman? Why is she so burdened, forlorn? Who is the One, beaten, bruised, bearing a cross, gasping for breathe, being mocked, ridiculed, with thorn-filled crown, bloodshot eyes exuding compassion, scarcely able to endure? What’s happening? I’m moving toward an open hand! Strike! Strike! Strike! Pierce faultless flesh, crimson spurts forth, covers me, drips to the ground - red pool of redemption. Who am I? One who attaches innocence to a cross, holds merciful Savior in place as He fulfills prophesies foretold, provides pardon for sinful human race. Who am I? Scar provider of blessed Son, resurrected Prince of Peace, who resides in celestial paradise and sits at His Father’s right hand

Happy Easter

I love Easter!!! It is a holiday I look forward to, a holiday of new beginnings and new life. Most importantly, it is the remembrance of the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most pivotal time in christian history. Luke 22-24 accounts the events that led up to the cross, the cross and the glory of his resurrection. If you study the history of these times, it is easy to see how unfairly he was treated: He went through an unfair trial in our place so that we didn't have to go through a fair trial and receive the well-deserved punishments for our sins. With my kiddos being 3 1/2 yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months, I want to start our own traditions and I want the focus to be on Jesus and not the Easter bunny. We did get them their baskets and outfits for church. I have candy galore in the cupboard (please pray for me... how many points in a chocolate egg?!?! LOL) I have the kit to color the eggs with Jesus stickers (Jessica's term). I also bought a children's book about E

Grilling Goodness

Getting to know each other at Golden Goodness : 1. What's one of the best things you've seen lately? THE PASSION!!!!!! The play our church puts on every year. We had a compacity crowd on opening night!!! During alter call, 100 people came forward to accept Jesus as Savior. We have two performances today!!! 2. Has Spring brought you something you don't like? A cold :( of all the times, when I need every bit of energy, I'm dragging :( 3. What kind of sandwiches do you like? fat free ham/cheese on wheat bread (5 points) 4. Do you carry GermX with you at all times? I'm gonna start, lol. 5. Does each person in your house have their own hamper or do you have a central hamper for everyone? one for the whole family...actually 3/4 for the whole family 6. How often do you balance your checkbook? I don't touch the checkbook, hubby does it all. I use my debit card and give him the receipts... I'm spoiled like that :) 7. What's the hardest thing you've done latel

HYC/BLBE Weigh in

4/7/09: 254 to 250 lbs!!! I am very excited to have tossed 70 lbs total on the journey. Not only excited but blessed too. Being involved at church this last week for The Passion Play ( here's the link ) has really shown me how I need to put God first in everything, including my weight. God knows what I need. He knows I need to be healthy for my family to be with them, and I need to be healthy for him. I am his hands and feet. How can he work thru someone who is in pain, is depressed, hates their self control and the way their body looks? That was me 70 lbs ago. I'd have never been able to keep up with the pace of this play carrying all the extra baggage on my body. I am able to be used by him and be a blessing to others. In return, by "seeking his kingdom first", he has blessed me. The last thing I have been thinking of is my weight. I didn't have time and when I did, I was too tired to even care, every bone in my body ached. But the end result is 4 lb toss. Wow!

Weekend recap

Stopping by for a hello. This weekend has been super busy, and I feel out of the loop with my blogland friends. I have a couple minutes so I want to say hi... HI!!!! lol Quick recap: With family, we took the kiddos to see the Easter Bunny and some holiday shopping. They are very excited. They are learning how the Easter bunny brings them a gift to show the love of Jesus. They also are learning how God made all the bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc. And how Jesus lives in us and loves us. They are very smart. Jess picked out a egg coloring kit that has crosses, bible, lilies, etc. because we have to have "Jesus eggs". With church: We had play practice with two full dress rehearsals, and Sunday night was our first performance. A couple of glitches but the audience had no clue. It was very powerful. Our play is "The Passion Play". It is John telling the story of Jesus. We even have live animals, and the camel coming down the church aisle is always a big hit. This is a full p

Anchor Friday- New life through freedom and grace

Romans 6:14..."you live under the freedom of God’s grace." It took me all these years to finally accept this. I thought I had to do it in my power. The mentality was it was my body, and I was responsible for what I did to it. It wasn't until I realized my body was "His Temple" that I accepted His freedom through grace. Through this freedom, I have a new life. Freedom of being a slave to my body, to food, to pain, and to depression. Galatians 5:1 It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Romans 8:21 that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. Matthew 18:18 Truly I say to you, Whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Psalm 118:5 During times of trouble I called on the LORD. The LORD answered me [and] set me free [fr

My Life. In Pictures. - Day 4

Day 4 of My Life. In Pictures. Check out Amber's site for more pics. There are a lot of very creative bloggers out there :) Today's assignment is a picture of something I do everyday. Here it is... my dishwasher. I do dishes everyday, most days are 2-3 times. This dishwasher is the best investment. and I definately got my money's worth.

Not a Joke!

This is not an April Fool's Joke!!! I repeat this is not an April Fool's Joke! LOL. I actually ran 2.787 miles in 20 min with the WiiFit today. Mama is very excited...can't you tell?!?! My Mii is jumping up and down, this me however was collapsed on the sofa :)

My Life. In Pictures. - Day 3

Day 3 of My Life. Pictures. You can visit Amber's site for some more pics :) Todays picture is a look outside my front door. I must say it's not common to come home and find a dumpster in my driveway, lol. But I am excited because the roofers are coming tomorrow to put on the new roof!!!!! Yep that's my life right now...home improvements ;) I did take another picture from the front door. It just seemed "prettier" without the dumpster showing. I just wish there was some leaves on the tree :( But at least the snow is gone!